Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gurgaon Half Marathon: 6 Dec 2009

I participated in Half Marathon from weekend buffet of runs organized by Runningandliving here in Gurgaon. The 7:15 am start on a early December Sunday was perfect weather to run.

The runners represented a cross section of society, The vibrant expats were also part of it… and some of them specially the Japanese tagged their national symbols along the running bibs … good display of patriotism … I hope I will do the same if get chance to run abroad.

I did not expect so many well prepared participants at place like Gurgaon especially in the event which was moderately marketed by its organizers. I think people who really enjoy running came in for this event. It was nice to see father running and kids cheering him up…usually reverse happens in normal life where we expect all good things to be done by kids and we just cheer them up….

Contrary to my previous Delhi half marathon this was a solo play, I was not having team of friends this time I was just alone ..yes one of my friend was playing role of photographer as volunteer in this event… so I was having good reason to give him smile whenever met. This time I was not worried about finishing the run I was really enjoying observing people and some time cheering them up especially the full marathon participants. There was one good connect …some of the participants (including me) were wearing the Reebok T-Shirt which we got on completion of Airtel Half Marathon.

I finished the run in 2 hr and 16 Min, and I was thinking about my next running goal… first thought will target to run half marathon in less than 2 hrs …then I though better to target full marathon in a year time….finally I settled down to make “joy” my running goal…. I just need to enjoy the run… I should not loose opportunity to cheer others in rush to finish the race.. I am not running to set the record… I am running to stay fit and enjoy the experience of running with magnificent participants.